The Building


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Most of our fundraising is to benefit the whole community and not just the worshipping church.  This picture show the beautiful gardens at Mavis and Aubery Slaughter's home where they raised several hundred pounds for our special project in The Gambia.

What is our Mission?


Why should our Mission come under the heading of Buildings?  It seems increasingly likely that we will need a smaller area for worship in the next decade and indeed for the next generation.

The hard facts are that far fewer people come to church now than did when Trinity was designed and built a century ago.  To be realistic we need less space for public worship than our forefathers needed, and it costs a lot in heat, light and high maintenance to keep a Grade 2 listed building up to scratch.

We are already beginning informal discussions with those responsible for Listed Buildings to see if we can alter the church.  At the moment, the church is used for 4 or 5 hours a week.  We need to increase 'throughput' and 'footfalls' to use modern terms, and we must attract greater numbers to use Trinity.

Let's have your suggestions for growth  -  both spiritual and temporal.

Constant repairs


Whilst out forefathers have looked after the building well, it is now over 100 years old and weathering now leads quite quickly to erosion of the fabric. 


These are some of the pictures taken in the autumn of 2013 showing work that needs doing.


The trough is over the flat roofed lounge, where this abutts the church.






This shows how stones decay over 100 years of varying Welsh weather